Yup, I’m still here

Still here, still not doing the regular blog updates like I wanted to.
Figure I’ll get myself on some sort of twice-weekly schedule starting this coming Monday. First up, a short review of Broforce.


Viral marketing for Transformers: Age of Extinction?

Well, the Bayhem continues.

A teaser trailer for the soft-reboot of the Transformers movie franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction hit the interwebs today, and it seems to be the jumping off point for an ARG (alternate reality game).


The phone number in the TF4 teaser trailer

This screen cap taken from the 13 second mark of the trailer shows a billboard referencing the massive destruction in Dark of the Moon. It also has a phone number.

Being the kind of person who actually calls phone numbers listed in movies and such, I went ahead and, well… Called it.

It plays a pre-recorded warning message about how dangerous Transformers are, and urges listeners to visit transformersaredangerous.com, a website with a giant poster of Primes head and a reminder that Transformers are dangerous. There’s also links to Tweet this same warning, and a Facebook deal too.

Not much really – either it’s a bit of filler to expand upon the awesome! explosions and other assorted bayhem in the teaser, or it’ll grow into an actual thing. Seeing how Sector 7 stuff was actually pretty neat for the first film, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they do with this.

First Week on the Job

Good news everyone: I managed to secure gainful employment! Today marks my third day on the job, and other than being slightly overwhelmed (and several thousand feet in the air as I type this, literally) it’s been quite fun.
As many of you know, I’ve been working IT in some form or another, professionally, for the past 13 years. Started as a network security guy for Exodus, moved on to some simple web design for a Vegas startup, then spent 8 years at the Site doing Helpdesk/Desktop support and ending up running the Engineering Systems solo. Good times.
Well, today I am… Unsure of my title, truth be told. Something like Information Systems Analyst or some such nonsense. Bottom line is I am now the IT systems admin for B & B Hospitality Group, West Coast. I’m responsible for keeping things up and running for four restaurants in Las Vegas and three in California.
As I said, today is my third day on the job, and I’m en route to Burbank to visit the three California properties that will fall under my care starting next week.
To be honest, I’d never given much thought to just how many computer systems the average restaurant has, and it turns out to be quite a few. The POS (point of sale) systems are basically touch screen computers with limited internet access. Also, because internet access exists, there is the standard router/switch/firewall/modem systems in place. Not to forget the computes the GMs use to make schedules and communicate with corporate, and the other systems in place (tied to the POS, I think) that phone home with daily financial data.
So, all these systems exist in each restaurant. All these systems are mine to keep running and working smoothly, with support (as possible) from my peers in New York.
Truly, this is the Big Time for me. Lone wolfing it, keeping things running in two states with only phone and Skype support from the big guys.
I’m excited and terrified.

Typing Test

This is not z rezl poxt. tix ix z test ov thdt typd  o er on my Surface

supposefly it getx z lot easter to uxe the more you ue it, but rigt now as yo can see I am not getting a very ig\\\high accracry rate.

still, it is muchbetter that typing onte screen


I have now switched to the type cover, and it is much easier and faster for me to type. It’s still not quite as fast or accurate as it might be on a fulltime keyboard, and there are some odd autocorrect and general errors in typing, but over all I think it is MUCH better/faster.

PS4 vs PS3 – Bluray Beat Down!

About two weeks ago I stated that the PS4 felt sluggish compared to the PS3 when playing videos. I figured I’d actually compare the two and be all scientific about it.

Below are the filmed results of this news breaking… thing:

So… Yeah. Turns out I was wrong, and the Playstation 4 plays movies in about the same amount of time as the Playstation 3.