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Are Dedicated Personal Blogs Dead?


In the age of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and who knows how many other microblogging services what use is there for a personal, single user blog?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for months now – between posting what passes for witty commentary on Twitter and constantly reblogging pictures of raccoons on Tumblr that is. I’m not kidding – this article has existed as a draft since September 2014, but I’ve been unable to fully articulate my thoughts on the matter.

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October 2014 Lootcrate


I’ve been subscribed to Lootcrate for the past three months, and in the past two crates have been pretty spiffy.

However, I haven’t documented them – which is the thing to do. So, I’m gonna fix that this month by posting some pictures and my thoughts on what was inside. Maybe next month I’ll do one of them moving-pictures that are all the rage on the YouTubes.

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What if Tom Baker voiced Siri?


Douglas Adams was a genius, that much is known. He was brilliant and funny, and constantly looking towards the future – and dragging anyone along with him that would care to go.

So it’s no surprise that he wrote – and stared in – a documentary about what future technology would be like.

This is that documentary:

The internet, Wikipedia, VR, Siri… All there.

The Flash – Pilot First Look


It’s no secret that the pilot for the new CW series “The Flash” has found its way onto the internets. I managed to track a copy down, and gave it a go last night – and I gotta say, this is a show that doesn’t fuck around.

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