Sunday, October 9, 2022

Post 005

Howard's Mill

No, it’s not a documentary. It’s fiction.

With that out of the way, it’s a neat little film which takes a few pages out of the Blair Witch playbook. It plays the story fairly straight, does some supernatural shenanigans in the back half of the movie - which are clearly telegraphed in the first half so there’s no real shock - and has one of the most ludicrous post credits scenes I’ve seen in a while.

It has the feel of a podcast. The entire runtime of the movie seems structured more like a single season of a podcast than an actual film, from the sound editing to the hitting beats, telegraphing beats, and then summarizing the same beats moments later. That’s not necessarily a bad thing - podcasts are popular for a reason.  It’s just a bit odd seeing a movie that’s closer in structure to fully audio media than it’s visual brethren.

I paid a dollar for it on iTunes, and I more than got my monies worth. If you like mockumentaries I’d give it a go.

Post 008

 Once again, it's time to get back to posting. You would think that I'd have something to write about after seven months of not blog...