Well, the Bayhem continues.

A teaser trailer for the soft-reboot of the Transformers movie franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction hit the interwebs today, and it seems to be the jumping off point for an ARG (alternate reality game).

The phone number in the TF4 teaser trailer

This screen cap taken from the 13 second mark of the trailer shows a billboard referencing the massive destruction in Dark of the Moon. It also has a phone number.

Being the kind of person who actually calls phone numbers listed in movies and such, I went ahead and, well… Called it.

It plays a pre-recorded warning message about how dangerous Transformers are, and urges listeners to visit transformersaredangerous.com, a website with a giant poster of Primes head and a reminder that Transformers are dangerous. There’s also links to Tweet this same warning, and a Facebook deal too.

Not much really – either it’s a bit of filler to expand upon the awesome! explosions and other assorted bayhem in the teaser, or it’ll grow into an actual thing. Seeing how Sector 7 stuff was actually pretty neat for the first film, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they do with this.

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