Godzilla Geography Fail : A Movie Review With Maps

The 2014 Godzilla movie does a lot of things right – the creature design, the way they move and fight, not having Matthew Broderic – but it makes one major mistake that is particularly hard to over look: It has some majorly impossible geography. (Mild spoilers follow) Yes, I know, it’s a sci-fi movie about […]

Entry 0147

An open letter to the writers of the new Star Trek movie. Caution: Includes Spoilers. Dear Sirs, In regards to your recent interview with TrekMovie.com, I have the following to say: [spoiler]What the fuck are you thinking? “It’s the same, but it’s different”? It’s a brand new alternate universe, but it’s not a reboot? Um, […]

Entry 0095

I was supposed to be in bed about half an hour ago, but as normally happens I decided to take one last moment to look over a few RSS Feeds, double check email and maybe write up something in this here blog… Then I got to tinkering, which almost always leads to trouble. First, a […]

Entry 0073

Blood Car It’s a movie… Not sure if it’s suspense or horror or satire or what… Maybe it’s just one of those odd movies that fit in no genre at all, a “WTF” movie… All I have to say about it is: Puppies in the trunk. Seriously, track a copy of this movie down.