Entry 0259

So, I should probably blog more, huh? Let’s see here… Since the last time I wrote here, I attended a Star Trek convention (gallery link) with Nadia (which was a heck of a lot of fun), spent a load of time at work… Nadia leveled up, and achieved a full time job and is on […]

Entry 0240

Not much to report, at the moment. Work is still work – fraught with problems and peril, and attempts to sort things out with little budget or direction. Spending my free time either playing Star Trek Online, or… Well, playing Star Trek Online. Nadia and I still go out and do things, like see Blue […]

Entry 0225

Often at work, I get bored – and spend part of the day chatting, off and on, with Rosenberg. Occasionally, we have awesome discussions about stuff. Today was one of those days – the day we wrote The Greatest Movie Ever Made So, President Sam Jackson teams up with former football star turned demolitions expert […]