Entry 0199

iPhone 3.0 Update Liveblog 5:22:29 PM: I’m going to annoy everyone on my Twitter thing by liveblogging the iPhone update. Yay technology! 5:22:43 PM: Installing now btw… 5:25:41 PM: Verifying. Hrm, blog seems to not actually be getting these updates. 5:29:05 PM: Okay, the blog is working. My phone? Not so much yet. 5:30:56 PM: […]

Entry 0126

Slashdot | US Army Sees Twitter As Possible Terrorist “Operation Tool”. Really? I find this hard to get behind… Rosenberg, Coldiron and I failed EPICLY to organize a BBQ using only Twitter as a means of communication – I can only imagine the chaos of attempting to do anything larger in scale.