Entry 0259

So, I should probably blog more, huh? Let’s see here… Since the last time I wrote here, I attended a Star Trek convention (gallery link) with Nadia (which was a heck of a lot of fun), spent a load of time at work… Nadia leveled up, and achieved a full time job and is on […]

Entry 0258

Captains Personal Log Today I made Captain, and shortly thereafter was awarded the helm of a new ship – the U.S.S. Miskatonic. She’s a long range science vessel, of the Intrepid class. Well, mostly Intrepid class – the main hull is of the new Discovery class, but the rest of the ship is pure Intrepid. […]

Entry 0240

Not much to report, at the moment. Work is still work – fraught with problems and peril, and attempts to sort things out with little budget or direction. Spending my free time either playing Star Trek Online, or… Well, playing Star Trek Online. Nadia and I still go out and do things, like see Blue […]

Entry 0210

Star Trek Las Vegas 2009 Convention Debriefing Summary: Last week (sorry about the delay!) I spent four days at the Star Trek Las Vegas 2009 convention. That’s four days of Star Trek, Star Trek stars and Star Trek fans. Four days of wandering the same halls, looking over some of the loot, and generally being […]

Entry 0209

This Thursday through Sunday, I’ll be attending a Star Trek convention. The same convention I’ve attended for the past four years now – 2006 being my first one. As always, I expect it to be loads of fun. I’m also really excited to be able to spend some of it with Nadia – I just […]