Entry 0147

An open letter to the writers of the new Star Trek movie. Caution: Includes Spoilers. Dear Sirs, In regards to your recent interview with TrekMovie.com, I have the following to say: [spoiler]What the fuck are you thinking? “It’s the same, but it’s different”? It’s a brand new alternate universe, but it’s not a reboot? Um, […]

Entry 0084

Tonight I watched a movie called The Machine Girl, and as you can tell by the poster to the left, I thought it was several flavors of awesome. It’s the kind of movie that shows why the idea of digital rentals is so damn good: I was kind of bored, had some spare currency on […]

Entry 0081

Warning: The following post contains MAJOR spoilers for Doctor Who Season Four finale, Journeys End. You have been warned! Thoughts after the jump… This episode was one big fanwank – technobabble up the ass, every companion known to man standing around the TARDIS helping the Doctor Fly (Except you Jackie… You just stand over there…) […]