Entry 0154

A few posts back, I mentioned how Google Reader has been suggesting that I might enjoy reading the blogs of small Mormon families here in Vegas. Well, today it suggested that I might enjoy reading the blog of a small ex-Mormon family, location unknown. It’s learning, I suppose.

Entry 0126

Slashdot | US Army Sees Twitter As Possible Terrorist “Operation Tool”. Really? I find this hard to get behind… Rosenberg, Coldiron and I failed EPICLY to organize a BBQ using only Twitter as a means of communication – I can only imagine the chaos of attempting to do anything larger in scale.

Entry 0095

I was supposed to be in bed about half an hour ago, but as normally happens I decided to take one last moment to look over a few RSS Feeds, double check email and maybe write up something in this here blog… Then I got to tinkering, which almost always leads to trouble. First, a […]

Entry 0069

I don’t know what needs to be added to this horrid abomination against eyes… I’ve had to remove both gaming sites from my RSS feed, and I’m seriously considering doing the same to Engadget. Although with the “share stories” feature in Google Reader, I might be better off just not checking at all until Friday. […]

Entry 0023

Doing a bit of late night site maintenance. Went back to the old theme – not sure why, but this one just feels right. Feels like home. Also went through most of the posts and added the dreaded “read more” link. I think this might bork the RSS feed a bit – Spook, let me […]