Entry 0173

I spent the past weekend with Nadia – pretty much just the two of us over the four day weekend. It was a pretty damn great time. Friday night we got some teriyaki and watched several episodes of… Read More

Entry 0147

An open letter to the writers of the new Star Trek movie. Caution: Includes Spoilers.

Entry 0133

Disaster: Students Quarantined in University As Epidemic Unfolds. In short: It looks like a school in China has quarantined everyone due to an outbreak of cholera. So far this hasn’t hit the major news networks –┬ádespite┬áthe quarantine having… Read More

Entry 0124

For some weird reason, I seem to be reduced to doing posts only about my weekends. I may have to try and write something else this week – but, until I do, here’s another Weekend Update. Friday Meet… Read More

Entry 0100

Last week, the game Braid was released on the XBox Live service for about $15. The price point started off a mild rant storm on portions of the internets that are very geeky, somewhat cheap and populated by… Read More