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Are Dedicated Personal Blogs Dead?

In the age of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram is there still room for a dedicated personal blog? Is this a thing that can, or even should, still exist?

Entry 0243

We have a policy at my company: No cameras allowed. It’s a pretty clear policy, fairly unambiguous: No cameras are allowed. If it is a camera, it’s not allowed. Because cameras, of any sort, aren’t allowed. We got… Read More

Entry 0242

When the hell did this happen? When did we, as a society, decide to drop the “e” from the word axe? How the hell long has this been going on, and why was I not informed? Ax? Really?… Read More

Entry 0224

Friday the 6th was my 30th birthday, and it was grand. Nadia got me an awesome cake, a nice new blue dress shirt shirt, a great watch, a pac-man t-shirt and a cool laptop bag. Lots of great… Read More

Entry 0220

Sometimes I buy, and read, comics. I’m a bit of a geek, and this is a normal activity practiced by geeks for several generations. It could be said that reading comic books is a mainstay of geek heritage…. Read More