Entry 0213

I found a digital camera in the woods… With those words, one of my all time internet memes/pranks was created. I’m not familiar with the entire history of this particular meme, and – frankly – I think if… Read More

Entry 0210

Star Trek Las Vegas 2009 Convention Debriefing Summary: Last week (sorry about the delay!) I spent four days at the Star Trek Las Vegas 2009 convention. That’s four days of Star Trek, Star Trek stars and Star Trek… Read More

Entry 0190

This weekend I picked up a Nintendo DSi for myself, after having bought one for Nadia for her birthday. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, the DSi is the second hardware revision of Nintendos… Read More

Entry 0183

Status Update: Operation Shared Space Mission Status: Complete success. Details follow.

Entry 0180

A few days late, but here it is: The promised pictures pertaining to my computer area! That’s right, an exciting look further into the den of the common geek… How can you NOT want to see this?