Entry 0045

Today I’m watching TV. Later today – hopefully fairly soon – I’ll be watching episode three of season four of Doctor Who. Right now? The Mythbusters MacGyver Special. Mythbusters are the awesome. Hmmm… MacGyver + Treknobabble = Doctor Who? One could even argue that in the new series Doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver in much […]

Entry 0035

Was going to write a rather wordy post on some nerdy subject, but as the day has gone by here at The Office, things just didn’t align that way. Last night, after watching two good episodes of Doctor Who (Run Away Bride + Smith and Jones) and eating chicken wings with my dear Spy (what […]

Entry 0030

Good news everybody! Doctor Who Series 4 (Season 4 in the US) begins airing April 5th on the BBC (April 18th on SciFi). What does that mean for you? Well… Doctor Who Premiere @ Dunnys! Bring snaky-snaks and drinky-drinks! Sunday, April 6th 12:00PM PDT So, if you’re in the neighborhood, drop on by.