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    Howard’s Mill No, it’s not a documentary. It’s fiction. With that out of the way, it’s a neat little film which takes a few pages out of the Blair Witch playbook. It plays the story fairly straight, does some supernatural shenanigans in the back half of the movie – which are clearly telegraphed in the…

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     Not much of a status update, but I found a personal white wale of retro tech at the GoodWill this weekend: A nearly fully functional 60GB launch PlayStation 3! For only $40! I say nearly fully functional as the disc drive was… temperamental. It would read PS1 discs just fine, and occasionally would read a…

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     Y’all Just watched Lightyear – you know, the weird spin-off Toy Story movie. It was a damn good action movie, really liked it. If this were a more serious movie blog, or a more serious media critique blog, I might ramble on incessantly about how the movie has some halfway decent themes that it seems…

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