I’ve been subscribed to Lootcrate for the past three months, and in the past two crates have been pretty spiffy.

However, I haven’t documented them – which is the thing to do. So, I’m gonna fix that this month by posting some pictures and my thoughts on what was inside. Maybe next month I’ll do one of them moving-pictures that are all the rage on the YouTubes.

I’m gonna be honest with ya – not a huge Walking Dead fan, so the comics and such related to it aren’t really my thing. But I know a couple people who are huge Walking Dead fans, so… Probably gonna pass those along to them the next time I see ’em.

That’s partly why I get the Lootcrate: To share with others. Sure, I like getting stuff for me (last months Alien toy was a total winner), and each crate has at least two or three things I want for me. But there’s always something I don’t think I really want, but I know someone who would, so it’s like a gift for me and a gift for my friends.

Looking forward to using my new sledge-saw pen and reading that survival guide, and the shirt will be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next month!

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