Long Load Times – It’s Normal

I apologize for the crappy load times this morning. Figures, finally decide to start using this again and what happens? Stuff moves slower than a darn glacier.

I did call my webhost – GoDaddy.com – and was informed by the “tech” that a long load time was normal for a WordPress blog. When I mentioned that most other times it’s pretty quick and responsive, and that this really seemed out of the ordinary, he put me on hold, and came back to say everything looked fine on the server and this kind of load time was “normal”.

I basically gave up at that point, and said goodbye. Then I tried refreshing the page, got a Server 500 error.

Yeah, situation normal alright.

As of this writing, it’s taking 10 seconds or longer to load any pages, front end or back. I’m currently on hold because someone is going to fix this. I will not accept this as normal.

Update: Called back, spoke to a nice young lady that was able to quickly ID the problem and present a solution.

So, Dunny0.net will be moving to The Grid. Well, grid hosting, but still – The Grid! TRON!
Anyone? No… Fine.

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