The 2014 Godzilla movie does a lot of things right – the creature design, the way they move and fight, not having Matthew Broderic – but it makes one major mistake that is particularly hard to over look:

It has some majorly impossible geography.

(Mild spoilers follow)

Yes, I know, it’s a sci-fi movie about giant monsters attacking the city, and maybe I’m way over thinking things here, but come on – how hard is it for a script writer to look at a damn map? We should save our suspension of disbelief for the fantastical things that happen in the movie – giant monsters, monsters that metabolize radiation, Godzilla being able to support his own weight on land – these are all things that can’t be fact checked because they are fake, and exist only in the movie.

But the location of one real world place in relation to another real world place? Yeah, we can check that easy enough. Hell, Google Maps let’s pretty much anyone with a computer or smart phone do it for free anytime they want. So, there’s no excuse!

At one point in the film, we find out that something has been stored at the Yucca Mountain Waste Repository in Nevada (which no one can pronounce correctly) for the past 15 years. So the movie takes us there, and we see this thing has escaped… And is currently destroying the Las Vegas Strip.

How do we know this? Because one of the military guys pulls out a pair of binoculars and looks in the general direction of the destruction.


Yucca-Las Vegas
Best. Binoculars. Ever.

He’s able to see, in perfect clarity and with amazing detail, what’s going on 139 miles away. Amazing!

It get’s better, too. The thing that is attacking Las Vegas did so because it was on it’s way to San Fransisco… Which is just a little ways further south east of Las Vegas.

Wait, what’s that? It’s to the north west?

Monsters have poor senses of direction.So the monster went totally out of it’s way just to knock down a few buildings in a scene that, while pretty neat, adds nothing at all to the movie? A scene that just keeps us from seeing more Godzilla throwing down against other monsters?


That aside, I really enjoyed the movie – I may see it at least once more before it’s out of theaters, and I’m totally picking up the blu-ray once it’s out.

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