Entry 0051

Just got home from watching Iron Man, and I have got to say that I absolutely loved the movie.

The pacing was perfect – not so fast that you’re left wondering what the hell is going on, but not so slow that you’re wishing it would get to the good bits. The story is pretty solid, doing a good job of setting up Tony Stark, his world, and then bringing about the changes that cause him to become Iron Man – all in a rather believable way.

The acting is pretty darn good, although not entirely perfect. I wasn’t too fond of one or two side characters, but all said it works very well.

All told, there are six characters in the movie. That’s not a whole lot, but that’s fine since the majority of the time it’s focused tightly on Tony “Iron Man” Stark, and how he’s reacting to his environment. Although the final fight between him and the baddie – no spoilers – is fucking awesome. Not quite epic, but still damn awesome.

I can easily recommend this to any fan of action films, comic-book movies or just good films in general. It’s good fun for pretty much everyone.

Oh, and do yourself a favor when you go: Sit through the credits.
All of them. It’s worth it.
It’s EPIC.

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One reply on “Entry 0051”

  1. Transformer-y? As in fast paced and so blurry you can’t see WTF is going on?
    Seemed more RoboCop-esque to me than Transformers.

    The “After Credits” bit was Sammuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury asking Stark admonishing him, pointing out he’s not the only superhero in the world, and asking if he’s heard of the “Avenger Initiative.”

    It was pretty awesome.

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