Entry 0264

I want to get back into writing short fiction. It’s been ages since I’ve actually written anything, but I remember that I enjoyed it, and I think I would like to get back to doing that.

I’ve even got a couple of ideas that I think would work, too. Nothing too concrete, but something that would at least get the creativity flowing and allow me to stretch those muscles, so to speak.

I used to write. I used to write quite a bit, any time I had free time to kill and a black sheet of paper. Most of the time it was really, horribly bad fantasy crap. Occasionally I’d try my hand at other genres, like horror (crap), satire (crap) and sci-fi (crap in space), but I almost always came back to fantasy.

Which is weird, really. I’ve not read a lot of fantasy. Most of the time I read science fiction, from the pulpy 30’s to the atomic 50’s, from the hard-science 80’s to the cyberpunk 90’s. Rarely any fantasy, though.

Maybe that’s why I wrote in that genre – because, to me, it was more open. I didn’t know what had already been done – and been done better than I could hope to achieve. I hadn’t already limited myself with expectations of what other writers would do, so I was a bit more free to try my hand at things. That would explain why ever horror story I tried came out like a really shitty carbon copy of a really shitty Steven King short story. It could be worse, I suppose. At least I’m still better than Peter David.

What I’m trying to say, is: I want to write again, and Peter David is a talentless hack.

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