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Dear Hippies,

I’ve seen you bitching about the lack of charges being brought against BP, and I can’t help but wonder: What charges? What could they possibly be charged with?

I’m not saying that what is happening in the gulf isn’t horrible. It is, and they – as a company – should be held responsible in some fashion. But what that is, I’m unsure. But what laws have been broken here? Littering? Illegal dumping?

Do we have any laws to deal with this kind of thing?

More importantly – should we?

They should have to foot the entire bill for clean up – it’s their mess, and their fault. Let them pay for it that way. They should also be, in someway, answerable to those whose very lively hoods have been challenged by this event.

But brought up on charges? I don’t see how.

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  1. If the accident happened because appropriate oversight didn’t happen, and that oversight didn’t happen because BP bribed the government regulators, then yes, criminal charges should apply. The regulators involved should go to prison for a good lengthy time, and BP should pay both severe penalties and criminal charges should be brought against the people responsible.

    If the accident happened because the company was cheap, then no, you can’t criminalize them for it, but you can make it illegal from this point forward to be “cheap”. Also, its arguable whether the company will foot the entire entire bill.
    If they paid the entire bill, absolutely no human would end up with one less dollar than they would have had if the explosion had never happened, but I find it hard to believe that for the next 1-2 years, BP will pay all of it, because its impossible to quantity the future 100%. For example, if the shrimpers go to BP and say they made 90 million last year, but 130million every year before that and expected to make 130million this year because of the economic recovery, which is BP going to want to pay? The 90. If restaurants over the entire country have to pay 20% more for their shrimp to get them shipped in from Vietnam instead of the gulf, is BP going to pay that extra 20%? BP isn’t going to pay the entire bill, so extra bills have to be piled on top of it. And all the bills BP h as to pay, are they just going to raise the price of oil? Gah, the whole thing sucks.

    1. If there were bribes involved, then yeah – jail time for everyone.

      Not sure how one would go about making it illegal to be “cheap” – at best, you could require better/different redundant safety systems.

      By “entire bill” I meant just the clean up – it’s their mess, they caused it, they need to fix it. As for the rest, they should provide some sort of restitution to those whose livelihoods they’ve endangered – such as the shrimpers. I’m not about to say how – I’m nowhere near knowledgeable enough to start pontificating on that subject.

      Maybe a good solution would be to require the oil companies to carry some sort of insurance – The premiums would be ridiculous though.

      It’s too bad we need oil so much. I’m not with the hippies on abandoning it entirely – we can’t. Just looking at my desk, almost everything on it is some form of petroleum product. I don’t see that changing anytime soon…

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