Entry 0251

Wow, it’s May already.
A full third of the way through May, too.


Lots of stuff has happened recently – we went to Death Valley, and took loads and loads of pictures. Nadia had a birthday (where she turned twenty seventwenty six), then officially got her Masters.

Because of the graduation ceremony, her folks have been in town for the past 10 days, and we’ve been spending time with them. Even did the first (and then second) Meeting of the Parents, which was enjoyable. Have had several good, fun dinners and some nice times since they have been here.

Work is, well, work – still surrounded by folks doing silly things and asking for the impossible – and I’m stuck trying to pull a Scotty just to please them. Mostly, I’ve been able to get by, but it’s getting more frustrating daily.

There’s just been a lot going on, and not much time to write.

Hopefully that will change soon.

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