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Just Cause 2 - PS3 Boxart

About a month ago, I picked up a copy of Just Cause 2 for the PlayStation 3. It’s a pretty standard sandbox style action game, akin to Saints Row 2 or Red Faction: Guerrilla… Only, it’s really, really fun.

It’s a game that’s super easy to talk about, because there’s no real risk of spoilers. That’s not to say there isn’t a story to the game, as there is – it’s just that the story is mostly there to get you to move about the map, and isn’t an actual driving force behind gameplay.

It’s actually quite refreshing, and a welcome addition to my game library.

The basics are this: You are Agency agent Rico Rodriguez, sent undercover to the island nation of Panau to find out what happened to the last agent that was sent there, and… Um… Blow shit up? There’s something to do with the government being a military dictatorship, and oil, and other nations having more interest than is probably healthy in this tiny nations future… It’s fun to watch, but nothing too serious.

The game has a tone like an Bond film directed by Micheal Bay, if it was both written by and starred Vin Diesel. Think xXx with a much larger budget, and bad accent. The action is completely over the top – and constantly finds ways to get more ridiculous. Without giving away too much, one boss battle involves a tank on top of a sky-scraper and a guy with satellite targeted missiles raining death down upon you.

Explosions are huge, you spend a lot of time jumping from car roofs to other car roofs, hijacking flying choppers, then jumping from them onto another chopper, hanging from planes and generally being more awesome than is humanly possible.

As an example, I tried to blow up a statue with a car, and failed many times… Finally, in frustration, I took a 747 and crashed it into the tiny statue. A video (captured by the PS3, uploaded directly to YouTube) is to the left.

A short search of YouTube shows much of the other crazy mayhem one can get up to in the game. Truly, some epic level fun can be had with this.

Not everything is perfect with this game: The enemy AI can be down right retarded at times. Sure, they’ll take cover and use that to their advantage quite a few times, making you hunt them down – while taking massive damage. However, where they take cover isn’t always the best of spots. Occasionally they’ll hide behind huge tanks of gas, or the standard exploding barrels.

Health packs are damn hard to come by, and the mini-map is damn near useless for finding enemies. Oh, and jets are really, really slow…

Those gripes aside, the game is damn fun. It’s the perfect game for anyone who enjoys blowing shit up, shooting dudes, or wandering lush island paradises. What I’m trying to say is this: Download the demo, give it a spin. Then add the game to your GameFly queue (or head over to Blockbuser), and spend a few days wandering around the Panau countryside.

I’m fairly sure you’ll be glad you did.

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