Entry 0243

We have a policy at my company: No cameras allowed.
It’s a pretty clear policy, fairly unambiguous: No cameras are allowed. If it is a camera, it’s not allowed. Because cameras, of any sort, aren’t allowed.

We got ourselves another noob today, some fellow from one of ours sister companies. Visiting until Friday, doing some research into some project or another. Nothing too major, but because he is who he is, and he’s working on what he’s working on, the powers that be thought it’d be a great idea to do whatever was needed to allow him to bring his company laptop with him, so he’d have something to work on.

Well, he did. He was just about to come on up, whens someone decided to ask him – one last time (making it a total of three times since he arrived on property) if he had any cameras, or camera phones. Well, no – but he did have a webcam in his company laptop.

A webcam is, of course, a camera. Cameras, as previously stated, are not allowed. So, it follows that webcams are not allowed. More to the point, when I went through the song and dance Monday with security to get this guys laptop in, one of their stipulations was that it not have a webcam, so it’s not a matter of him not being able to equate “webcam” with “camera” – it was quite clearly called attention to.

His explanation was innocent enough: They all have them at his office, no one thinks about it. It just is there, and he didn’t consider it until he was asked (for the third time) about cameras. So, I guess he’s just a bit slow.

He did, however, try to sell me some bullshit about it being “near impossible to buy laptops without them now”, and that’s why their IT department just buys them with. He said it’d be a problem if he had to come back for longer, but maybe they could find something that would work. I told him it shouldn’t be a problem, since none of our Dells have them – and that the majority of Dells business class laptops only offered them as an option, so it’d be very easy to order one without.

I’m really starting to question our current practice of hiring in the lowest bidder for these short-term jobs. It just doesn’t seem to be working out in our favor.

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