Entry 0241

Sometimes, words cannot describe the insanity, the stupidity, the ignorance.

This is one of those times.

We’re getting all sorts of new folks into the office – so it’s drop everything and get them situated time! Only, we’re not sure where they are going to be working, or what they might actually need, or if we have a space for them, so don’t hurry to fast! It’s still super important, so work on it, but since we don’t actually have the information needed, don’t work on it too hard! Make progress, but we can’t tell you how!

Oh, and the one that was supposed to start today, and that everything else had to be put on hold for so that they would be ready to roll once they walked in the door? Yeah – they aren’t working here anymore. Turns out, they are Canadian, so we had to escort them off site.

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