Entry 0240

Not much to report, at the moment.
Work is still work – fraught with problems and peril, and attempts to sort things out with little budget or direction.

Spending my free time either playing Star Trek Online, or… Well, playing Star Trek Online. Nadia and I still go out and do things, like see Blue Man Group or watch movies, or maybe even just walk around Town Square, but mostly I’m playing STO. I’m trying not to get hooked, but I think I’m failing.

I want to get back into writing again, either short stories or maybe a more reliable comic. I’ve got my fancy tablet, and I think I might even have just enough talent to make it on the internets, but it’s the ideas I’m running low on.

I’m reading more, although there’s not been anything that’s grabbed my attention like the Percy Jackson series in a little while. I think I’m nearing time for my semi-annual Hitch-Hiker’s Guide re-read, and that’s always fun.

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