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*Not an iPad
Yesterday, Apple announced the iPad – a mobile tablet thing that will go on sale in about sixty days.

It was the first Apple product in living memory to have a reasonable price. Shortly after the announcement was finished, I received many calls and emails from friends and co-workers, asking 1) Had I heard about it and 2) When I was getting mine.

The best of the bunch had to be the email from Nadia:

wow the price is actually really cheap for tablet.
and also NO camera.
You should GET YOU ONE!

Not only did just outright endorse, nay, command that I purchase one for myself, she did so by quoting Borderlands. How awesome is that?

Today, the internet is filled with people either bitching about what it’s “missing” (camera, Flash, multi-tasking, a pony) or die hard Apple fanbots defending it to it’s death. Myself? I just want people to shut up about it.

Yes, I am aware of the irony of this blog post.

I think it’s a neat concept, and will probably be a great piece of kit. I will more than likely pick one up at some point. But before I do, I want to see the whole unit. I want to use one, see how it handles data storage, see if it can be used how I would want to use it, or if it’s something for a different kind of consumer, the kind I am not.

I know that it’s normally best to wait for the second gen of Apple hardware – they almost always add in the components that people claim were missing on the first one. This time around, though, those are things I don’t want. I don’t want yet another device with a camera – I’m tired of having neat toys I can never bring to the office. I don’t care about GPS support or Flash support – I don’t need either of them, I barely use Flash based sites at home, and the GPS in my 3Gs is perfectly adequate for my needs.

I want something with a big screen that makes reading books or the web comfortable, something with enough battery to last a flight to Jakarta, and something I can use to blog or doodle or generally entertain myself when I’ve got a few minutes to kill.

This could be that device. Or maybe it isn’t – I don’t know yet. And, frankly, neither do any of you – you haven’t checked it out, nor do you have any clue what software will be available for it in six months.

What I’m saying, internet, is y’all need to just chill the fuck out. It’s just a damn gadget. I’m pretty sure it’ll be awesome, and I’m fairly sure I’ll get one and enjoy using and owning it, but I doubt it’s a game changer.

Unless, of course, they implement Back to My Mac for it, in which case it’ll be the best thing ever.

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