Entry 0231

Operation Distant Shores Liveblog

12:04:10 PM: Some last minute re-packing, so am testing the liveblog interface. And drinking vitamins. Hurray travel!

1:33:33 PM: All systems go. Eating and waiting for ride to airport. Woo!

2:58:06 PM: Sitting in the airport Chili’s, getting a drink and killing time. Two hours to go!

2:58:50 PM: Nadia is super excited BTW. Keeps singing and dancing. 🙂
Me? Not so much. I’m just surprised at how fast checking and security was.

2:59:50 PM: BTW: She’s checked through Jakarta. Me? Gotta get boarding pass in L.A.

2:13:07 AM: we are here! First stop!

2:14:12 AM: we are here and well

6:53:55 PM: Got new specs yesterday. Tres chic. Today breakfast and sight seeing. Yay!

6:55:04 PM: Oh, attempted to set up wifi for her folks last night. Had some issues. Was fun tho. Even on vacation I’m an IT guy. lol

8:15:52 PM: This is madness! No, this is JAKARTA!

11:26:53 PM: im in constant shock at how inexpensive it is here compared to vegas

11:47:26 PM: indo blue grass cover of mraz lucky in love. Better this way i think

3:24:25 AM: This is madness! No, this is Jakarta!!

3:50:38 AM: Just ate a gummy cow. Very tasty. 🙂

3:55:13 AM: Nadia is excited to read Indo lang Manga while pooing, and I’m happy just mastering “the hose”. 9500 miles away, & I’m a Twitter shitter.

8:31:38 AM: Just got back from dinner with Nadias whole family. Good food, good times. Now I’m super tired & itchy. Probably not related.

8:32:20 AM: Note to self: invent humidity proof boxers.

6:33:53 AM: I ate durian and it was yummy. Then I had an allergic reaction to it. Dunny 0, Indonesia 1.

4:26:40 AM: day two in bali: saw tons of neat stuff, battled stomache problems. Totally worth it

6:51:35 AM: Back in Jakarta, prepping for the day of travel tomorow. Been a wild, great trip.

12:39:41 AM: Am in Taipei airport, waiting for the start of my 12 hour flight to LA. This part of the airport is very nice. Miss Nadia already.

9:22:57 PM: Made it home. So sleepy

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