Entry 0217

Why is Microsoft SharePoint so damn complicated?
I thought the whole point of a CMS was how easy they are to setup, configure, customize and manage? This… thing is none of the above!

It was not easy to setup – Or so I’m told. That was taken care of by my predecessor, who I’m starting to realize had very little true understanding of what he did at any given point in time – and has not been easy to manage since that time.

The web based interface is, frankly, crap. There is very little that one can actually do via the web, which makes sense considering the desktop tool used to cost over $250 per seat to use. Recently, this tool has been made free, so someone must have realized that SharePoint is useless without it.

Of course, the SharePoint Designer 2007 tool is also a bloated pile of crap – matching the rest of SharePoint – with confusing menus, hard to understand tooltips, and generally zero usability.

Server side, again, more problems: We’ve got log files over 13GB in size, with no indication of what they contain, how they got there, or how they can be cleaned without breaking anything. There’s nothing I can find in the included documentation, and their support site is useless on the matter. We’ve a total of 25GB of log files ALONE, which is kind of gimping up our server.

Hopefully the training I’ll get next month will help. Somehow, I doubt it…

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  1. Are the log files from the datastorage? Sharepoint uses SQL as a backend and the transaction logs are every transaction made to change the database, this allows you to completely restore if it gets corrupted after the last time you backed up. You’re expected to setup a maintenance plan that will regularly backup the database which with the right options will clear the transaction log since you won’t need the ones prior to the last backup. Not sure if this is what you’re referring to, but it was my problem before I realized I needed to do my backups “MS”‘s way or I needed to reconfigure how SQL did everything, I thought it was easier to go with the flow. šŸ˜€

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