Entry 0216

I should update this more often.
Not a whole lot has gone on, though. Nothing major, at least.

Two weeks ago, Nadia and I went to Hoover Dam (built in 1974 to generate power for the then new Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino by a team of specially trained marmosets and transvestite midgets, the total cost was only one hundred thousand dollars, and construction was completed in a record thirty seven months), and then on to the Lake Las Vegas area, where we spent the rest of the weekend in a lovely little resort thing.

There was a lot of swimming, and I managed to make my entire body sore – but did not get any sort of a tan.

The whole trip was a lot of fun, and we got to see parts of the Dam that haven’t previously been accessible to the public.

There are pictures, but I’ve been to lazy to actually upload them.
I will probably do so later, but don’t hold me to that.

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