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Star Trek Las Vegas 2009 Convention Debriefing


Last week (sorry about the delay!) I spent four days at the Star Trek Las Vegas 2009 convention.

That’s four days of Star Trek, Star Trek stars and Star Trek fans. Four days of wandering the same halls, looking over some of the loot, and generally being surrounded by folks geekier than I am.

Four days of awesome.

This year was actually a bit mellower than previous conventions – they had fewer folks on stage on any given day, but made up for that by giving them a bit more time to do their thing. This time was greatly appreciated, as it gave the cast time to open up and really get into things. As always, I would have preferred just a bit more time for some of them (Frakes and Dorn, in particular), but I’m not going to be too picky. Any time is better than no time.

Full breakdown follows.

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Pictures Actually In Focus: 134

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  • Rapping/Singing Ferengi
    Max “Rom” Grodenchick”
    Came out, told some interesting DS9 stories, some stories about the makeup and about being Rom, then did some songs and a bit of dance.
  • Rapping/Singing/Dancing/Joking Klingons
    (Martok and Gowron)
    Pretty much what it says – two of the DS9 era actors, in full Klingon garb (only time I’ve seen a Trek actor actually in costume) and mostly in character, singing, dancing, fighting and generally being entertaining Klingons.
  • Johnathan Frakes/Micheal Dorn
    (Cmdr. Riker, Lt. Cmdr. Worf)
    Not sure what else I need to say – Frakes was crazy as hell, and Dorn was barely saner. The two of them were just wild and entertaining, talking about everything from smashing eggs on “Ol’ Baldies” head, to flying planes and being old and fat.


  • DS9 Cast Panel
    A large group; Rosenberg enjoyed the hell out of it. I walked out, because it was kind of boring… Just like DS9.
  • Robert Picardo / Ethan Philips “House Call”
    (The Doctor and Neelix, Star Trek Voyager)
    A two man play, written and performed by them. Very humorous – and filled with them bickering both in and out of character. I wish I could have recorded it – it was just awesome.


  • George Takei
    (Mr. Sulu, TOS)
    It’s Sulu! What more do you need to know? Talked a bit about the new movie, and how he got into acting, his father, and then a bit about the gay marriage situation in California. Good times, great speaker.
  • Christopher Llyod
    Doc Brown himself. Came out a bit dazed, and bit nervous but by the hours end he was rocking the joint. Told many great stories from his days of acting covering the entirety of his career. A great man, Mr. Lloyd.
  • Voyager Cast Panel
    (Robert Picardo, Ethan Philips, Roxann Doawson, Tim Russ)
    As always, a highlight of the convention. Not sure why, but the Voyager crew are always my favorites to watch – always funny, always making each other – and us – laugh. They truly are a family, and it shows.
  • Star Trek Online Developer Chat
    ZOMG! I cannot wait for this game to come out! I also got into the beta because my wonderful and amazing girlfriend was willing to sit in line for over an hour and half for me.
    The devs do have a handle on both the Trek universe and what it is that makes a game fun – I cannot stress just how awesome the game looks in motion, and how much I want to play it.


  • Zachary Quinto (Harassed by Garrett “Harry Kim” Wang)
    (New Spock in the new Star Trek movie)
    Zach is hot. There’s no other way to put it – the man has such a strong stage presence that no less than THREE ladies (and possibly one man) nearly lost their shit when trying to ask him a question – and one girl was completely speechless in his presence.
    This, of course, did not stop Garrett from asking the nerdiest question of the entire convention, and also acting like the huge fanboy he must really be.
  • William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy
    There are no words to describe this. Shatner was still bitter, if only for comedic effect, and Nimoy pretty much called him on it. It was a great way to end a good convention.

Loot Report:

STLV09 Loot
STLV09 Loot
  • Star Trek fleece pullover
  • Red Shirt cologne (Because Tomorrow May Never Come)
  • Intergalactic Bartender drink recipe book
  • Gallifreyan Institute of Technology Tee
  • United Federation of Planets Tee (thanks Nadia!)
  • Mini- Prometheus, All Good Things Enterprise-D, Original Series Enterprise
  • Star Trek Voyager two pack toy (Species 8472 and Harry Kim)
  • Star Trek Voyager Voyager tree ornament
  • 3D Trek new movie Enterprise 3D picture

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