Entry 0209

This Thursday through Sunday, I’ll be attending a Star Trek convention. The same convention I’ve attended for the past four years now – 2006 being my first one.

As always, I expect it to be loads of fun. I’m also really excited to be able to spend some of it with Nadia – I just really enjoy taking her to nerdy and geeky things.

This year, Christopher Llyod – Doc Brown from BTTF – will be there. Yeah, he was a Klingon in the third film, but I pretty much think of him as Doc Brown, and he’s been one of my favorite actors for years. It’ll be pretty damn awesome to see him in person.

Also looking forward to buying more crap this year. I’ve actually set aside some spending money, so I’ll be sure to get some cool loot. Expect pictures and video galore as it happens – uploading to YouTube and MobileMe, and updates via Twitter.

Loads of fun, I tells ya.

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