Entry 0205

A few weeks ago I picked up the tpb copy of Dead@17. It’s a neat little series- of which this seems to be volume one of an unknown number- about a girl who is murdered at the age of 17, and what she does after that. There’s demon fighting, a war between heaven and hell, and other such stuff.

It it sounds like Buffy, well… That’s because it kind of is like buffy – only on a much smaller scale. The cast is much smaller, and while the story strives to be epic, it never reaches that full potential, always seeming somewhat smaller and less important than it wants to be.

The mythology of the story is a weird combination of the aforementioned Buffy, traditional Christian mythology, Lovecraftian Lore, and in later “chapters”, the Zodiac. Honestly, trying to make too much sense of it all is pointless – things happen, and then people fight and kill demons.

It’s a good, quick and fun read – nothing epic, nothing earth shattering, nothing more than a quick diversion. I wish I could say something more positive about it, but it generally feels like something that’s been done before…

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