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Firefly - 13 episodes of awesome
Firefly - 15 episodes of awesome

Recently, Nadia and I started watching Firefly… It’s her first time through the Verse, and probably my fourth. A great little show – if a bit hard to explain to new comers – it was cut down in its prime, and resurrected only long enough to give us an amazing movie.

But I’m not talking about the movie – not yet. We’ll wait until Nadia has had a chance to see it before we talk about it, eh? That’s right – No f’ing spoilers.

It’s been a lot of fun watching this with her. She’s gone from scrunching up her face in mild confusion (and possible displeasure) at the idea of a “western in space” to actively demanding we watch another few episodes. We are rapidly running out of episodes to watch (damn you Fox, and your cancelation of this fine show) and will quickly have the whole thing wrapped up.

It’s been fun getting another opinion on the show, another take on the characters and how they interact. It’s made me appreciate the show all over again.

I have no idea what to watch once we’re done with this. I’d say Middleman, but the DVD’s won’t be out for another month… and we need those subtitles, dang it.

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3 replies on “Entry 0202”

  1. I’m actually not really surprise that I’d love Firefly since I loves Buffy that share the same creator 😉

    But yeah, I love this show and in the same time so sad because they only make one season (damn you Fox, and your cancelation of this fine show) ;p

    I can’t wait to see the last two episodes & of course, the movie!

  2. I was recently re-watching it a few months ago. I got very depressed when I thought I had an extra episode to go but it turned out that I had just watched the last one.

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