Entry 0198

I wonder why people are more inclined to fight for their rights to own a gun than they are to fight to their right to say whatever the hell is on their mind.

There is something deeply wrong when the populace would rather censor words than actions – and even more disturbing are those who will not admit that guns are designed for killing, plain and simple.

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3 replies on “Entry 0198”

  1. Thats a fundamental problem I have with the Republican party, dominated by people who say “We want small government, the constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms, etc”, but then also say “OMG, the government “HAS” to save the stockmarket!, Has to intervene and protect our morals,etc” and other contrary things. It comes down to this for any politician. Small government for anything I don’t care about, big government for anything I do care about.

  2. Oh, as a side note, I’m progun, in fact I’m pro whatever the statistics say is best, and areas with legalized guns have less crime, its just a fact, the more guns are restricted, the more crime there is. “Pacificism is just a copout of saying I don’t want to protect my fellow man when someone else comes along to threaten them”

    1. I’m not sure which camp I’d fall in when it comes to gun legislation; all I know is I’m very anti-censorship.

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