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ihasabuttonLast night I saw Drag Me To Hell, the new horror film by master of the genre, Sam Raimi. It should be noted that this is a rare Raimi film in that there is no Bruce Campbell – but that does not keep this movie from kicking serious ass.

The movie is, in all ways that matter, a return to form for Raimi – The cheap scares, the camera tricks, the goofy humor, the fast-paced story, the sympathetic (if slightly clueless) characters, the slapstick, over the top action… Everything you might have loved from the Evil Dead franchise makes it into this movie. In many ways, this film proves that he’s still a good writer/director, and when given a chance he can still tell a great story and entertain the hell out of an audience.

That is not to say that this movie is for everyone, far from it. This movie is for fans of Raimi, first and foremost. Then, it’s for fans of horror films, of chillers and thrillers… It’s for fans of scary films that don’t rely on great effects or scary creatures – but what you don’t see, what you can’t fight.

The Birth of a Cult Classic
The Birth of a Cult Classic

From start to finish, top to bottom, this movie will keep you entertained and leave you wanting more. There are few dull moments, but they are there to serve a purpose: Let you catch your breath, just for a moment, until the next drop on the roller-coaster ride to hell.

So, if you enjoy good horror/thriller movies, go see this one. Right now.

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