Entry 0193

Last weekend Nadia and I went to Phoenix, Arizona for the three-day weekend. Left on Friday, came back Sunday. It was a blast.

We hit up the science museum, which was fun, and the zoo, which was awesome. We also walked around Tempe, which is a fucking rathole, and Scottsdale, which as neat – if really bad for food – and did a bit of shopping (I bought a camera).

We rode a “train”, and a camel; we saw a film about Black Holes narrated by Q; we ate astronaut ice-cream, Greek food, Mexican food, and teeny-tiny portions of fish; there was walking, and sun burns; loads of driving, and a dam.

All told, it was a fun couple of days. Still, I was very happy to get back to Las Vegas – Arizona is just not my kind of place.

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