Entry 0192

I realize I haven’t made an entry in the blog for a while – been busy, I suppose.
Also, I just haven’t felt the urge to write for while. It happens, so don’t panic. I’ll write when I write, and when I don’t, well… Read something else. :p

Last night, I found myself controlling my Mac mini (which acts as a media hub in the living room), with my iPhone using two different apps, and wondering how soon this kind of thing might become “normal”. Not controlling a computer with your phone over your home network, but controlling your computer using a smaller, portable, touch screen interface.

Think about it, won’t you? Love it or hate it, the iPhone (and, to some extent, all other) touch-screen interface is infinitely adaptable for the task at hand. You want text input, a keyboard pops up; you need mouse movement, the keyboard goes away and the whole screen acts as a track pad; you need other, per-app input – the screen displays app specific icons ready for your choosing. You wanna play a game? The phones motion-sensor works almost Wii style, so you can get some general control down with little effort.

In the long run, I think this kind of touch interface will be, if not the direct future, a much better future than touching the screen you intend to watch. Have you ever had someone touch your monitor? Notice how bad the smudges get, the finger prints, the grease and dirt and stuff? Do you really want that on your 42″ HD display?

No, you don’t. You want a nice, clean, clear display – that’s why you went with a big HD display in the first place. But there is something natural, something intuitive, and something fun about touching and dragging, tilting and tapping something to make something go…

So, maybe the future is computer + big display + smaller mobile touch display…

At least, I hope it is.
Maybe then I’ll be better able to justify my desire to own an iPod Touch to use almost entirely with my media hub.


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    1. Oh, that would have been fun to attend too. Had no idea it was going on though.
      Maybe they’ll come to Vegas?

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