Entry 0189

So, new week, new posts.

As I said last week, I want to post at least one thing each day – I’m hoping this counts as my one thing for the day. It’s not an actual entry, I’ll admit that upfront. It’s more an appetizer, a menu of the entries that will be posted this week.

First up, tomorrow I’ll be posting my thoughts on the brand new Nintendo DSi. After giving one to Nadia for her birthday, I had to get one for myself. Was it worth it? Is it worth replacing a DS Phat/Lite with one of these? Find out my thoughts tomorrow!

Wednesday, a rant on the scourge of the English language- How “you know” has seemingly replaced “um” in most peoples spoken vocabulary.

Thursday, I’ll drop my thoughts on the Fallout 3 expansion “Broken Steel” – does the new “ending” fit the game better, and is the new content worth the ten bucks?

And, finally, Friday will be a nice review of the new Star Trek movie. I’ll be seeing the movie – along with Nadia, Rosenberg, Tabby and (maybe) Bighead and my Dad – so I’ll include a wide array of viewpoints on the movie. Everyone from the die-hard Trekkie to new-comers will be represented in this no-holds barred discussion on what is my most anticipated movie of the summer.

So, stick around this week – as you can see, there’s loads of stuff worth reading headed your way.

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