Entry 0187

This Sunday was Nadias birthday – but the celebration actually began Saturday night, at the Yard House.

Preparations began sometime prior to that, what with the cake wrangling(chocolate-chocolate fudge with white and purple icing, purple roses too), location finalizing (“They don’t take reservations? SHIT!”) and tiara hunting. Finally, though, all was set and the big night was upon us.

The evening proper began just outside the Yard House, as we waiting for the minimum six people to show up so that we could get a table. For some odd reason if you have a party of ten or more, they won’t seat you until you have at least 80% of your crew. Well, our crew are (mostly) punctual people, and showed up fairly close to the 10pm start time.

First to arrive were Rosenberg and Tabby (with the cake), and Coldiron (with his massive dome) – followed very shortly by Richard and Anna. Tada! We had seven people! Time for a table… Maybe.

Eventually, we did get a table – after much standing around, small talking and joking that the flashy-vibratey coaster thing was broken. Turns out, it actually was broken, and the wait-staff had be wondering where we were. I suppose it never occurred to them to look right outside their doors, but whatever… We were in, and we were seated.

From this point on, the total order of events get’s fuzzy. I know it was around this point in time that Sarah showed up, followed by Yanny and Geneva, and then (much later) Claire, Mike, Chris and… Um… Chris’ girlfriend?

I know there was food: Lots of food. There was drinking, although not a whole lot of drinking, considering the location and the group. There was talking, and laughter, and cake, and candles, and singing, and presents (rice cooker, picture, tea-pots, DS game), and more drinking, and then the bill.

It was a fun three hours, to be honest.

Once we got home, I gave Nadia her presents from me (DSi, iPod Nano) and then she played with her DSi for a bit before bed.

Sunday, her birthday, we had lunch with my folks, then wandered around Town Square for a while… Then we went home for a nap, and hit Fiamma for dinner. It was a pretty good dinner, two of the three courses being excellent. My pasta was kind of “meh” though.

That was followed by some more walking of the strip, and then a drive home and bed.

And that, in a nutshell, was her 25th birthday.

Now, it’s time to start counting down to my birthday.

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  1. thanks for writing about my birthday, Babe.. 😀
    thank you for everything too… every-lil-thing..
    I really appreciate it

    Reading your last sentence…
    Haha.. I guess I infected you with ‘the excitement for birthdays’ huh 😉
    Am so happy about it 🙂
    Six months til your birthday!

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