Entry 0184

Here’s something that will appeal to… well, no one other than myself. Still, this is my blog so I’m gonna post it anyway. :p

library.dunny0.net is up and available for browsing. Created using Delicious Library for the Mac, this is the majority of my DVD collection, and a few of my games.

My hope is that, with this being available now on my iPhone, I’ll be better able to avoid buying any duplicates – something I haven’t, yet, had happen. Normally I error on the side of caution, and if I think that I might own a particular movie, I won’t pick it up until I get home and check. Several times I’ve been wrong, and have missed out on owning a few of the harder to find discs because of this.

The games thing I’m doing just because I can, and the gadgets bit I may pull… or may keep for insurance purposes. Not totally sure on that front yet.

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