Entry 0183

Status Update: Operation Shared Space
Mission Status: Complete success.

Details follow.

For approximately a week, Nadia brought her clothes and other small items to the apartment, one car load at a time. She would do this during the day, and when I got home at night I would help her bring things into the apartment to be stored away.

At the end of that Friday, the majority of her things had been brought into what was now our apartment – the only remaining items were her bed and a few other, smaller, items.

Friday afternoon, her and I met Rosenberg and Coldiron over at her old place, and we (by we I mean the Rosenbergs) loaded her bed to the top of his car, tied it down, and then brought it to the apartment. Via surface streets.

In the wind. There were a couple of times that I thought the whole thing was going to blow off the top of his car, and it did look like we were going to get rained on at any moment, but thankfully neither happened.

There is very little else to report: The move was completed without major incident, and thanks to Nadia’s efforts the apartment is now cleaner, and more homey, than before.

Pictures are included below.

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