Entry 0179

I had so much fun yesterday detailing and annotating the picture of the top of my bookshelf that I figured I’d do the same with another picture of the living room.

Follow me below the jump for happy fun image, and a breakdown!

The Livingroom (click for big)
The Livingroom

As you can see, the living room is filled with pricey electronic toys. There are also some stuffed toys, and – now – a picture to go along with them!

Some notes:

  • The Kobayashi Maru is supposed to be an un-winnable situation – the whole point is to see how you deal with pressure and impending doom.
  • The Picture of Nadia and me was taken at Minus 5 Ice Lounge
  • The autograph is not to me – I picked the book up second hand. It’s in great shape though.
  • Yes, that is an HD-DVD drive on top of the 360. I thought it would be a good idea.
    I was wrong.
  • The Mario Bros arcade machine used to belong to my parents neighbors. They were just going to throw it away one day, and I quickly claimed it, fixed it up, and put it to good use.
  • The mouse is for the Mac Mini. I’ve been considering replacing it with the Logitech DiNovo Mini. Any thoughts?
  • The Hitch-hikers plushies are from the movie – One of the few good bits of additional material in that film.

There you are – a peek into my living room.
Hope you enjoyed it!

Next week – My computer desk!

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2 replies on “Entry 0179”

  1. I think you have one of the cleanest bachelor’s living rooms I’ve ever seen.

    1. Thanks!
      However – It’s only clean because of Nadia. You should have seen the before pictures… and the rest of the apartment.
      It’s messy.

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