Entry 0178

Last night I was doing a bit of cleaning, and once I was done Nadia asked to see the fruits of my labor – so, I took a few pictures and sent them along.

One of them caught my eye, and just made me realized what a total geek I am:

My Geeky Bookshelf
My Geeky Bookshelf

A full break down – after the jump.

My Geeky Breakdown
My Geeky Breakdown (Click for Big)

Mind you, this is just a very small portion of my collection of stuff – the entire living room (and, well, the rest of the apartment) is filled with samples of geek culture.

I’ll post more as I finish the cleanup.

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7 replies on “Entry 0178”

  1. mmm… I noticed the geeky-ness too when I saw the pic. My comments is please please fill me in more with your geek culture.. 🙂

    Hey.. I know that talking Star Trek birthday card.. It’s from me! 😉

  2. I dunno… you tell me, you’re the expert in geek culture! .. how do I know? >_< I’m open for anything!

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