Entry 0174

Just a short note to point out the obvious, and the slightly less obvious…

First, I’ve changed the theme – again – and think I’ll settle on the current one for a while. Traditionally, as soon as I post something mentioning a new theme and how it’ll stick around for a bit, I move instantly to a new theme. Not so much this time – I’m digging the layout and the colors, and only plan on doing a few minor tweaks to it in the coming weeks. Definitely going to change the header – can’t stand that font – and will take any suggestions from you, the readers.

Second is the Lifestream page that I recently added. Basically, it’s a page that collects the various updates to social networks in one handy location for people… Also makes it easier for me to log what I’ve been saying where. Right now it’s got Twitter, Facebook and XBox Live, and I’m considering adding a few other things – like Google Reader shared thing. Again, suggestions welcome.

And, on a related note, I tied my Twitter to my Facebook, so that tweets change my status. Basically, it now allows me to annoy more people with less effort, which is always a win in my book.

For me, at least.

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