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Warp Core Breach : Best Drink in Existence
Warp Core Breach : Best Drink in Existence

I’ve found it! I’ve finally found it!

After months of looking, I’ve found the fabled recipe for the Best Drink Ever: the Warp Core Breach, once proudly served in Quarks Bar and Grill at the Star Trek Experience.

I remember one night, a month and change before the place shut down, Rosenberg and I hit the place up for a visit… and we got to talking to the bartender, who promised that the recipe would find it’s way online.

Well, today I had a bit of slow time at work… I did a Google query, and found it nestled deep on a Trek BBS somewhere on the interwebs.

So, here it is, straight from someone purporting to be an actual STE Bartender:

Bacardi Select
Bacardi Dark
Bacardi 151
Bacardi Limon
Captain Morgan (Bacardi Spice)
passion fruit punch
raspberry razzmatazz
Lots of Ice
A Small amount of Dry ice

To make a full size of one of these drinks, evenly mix equal parts of the different rums to about a quarter of a pint and top up with raspberry, passion fruit (tropical type) punch, ice and dry ice (best to put that in first).

I’m torn between trying to make this myself – and failing epically, or giving the recipe to someone at PT’s and asking them very nicely to make one for me. They do make the Sonic Screwdriver (or just bluedriver), so I don’t see why they wouldn’t make this too.

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