Entry 0165

Not much to report from the field.
Played Arkham Horror on Friday with Nadia, Rich and Anna – it was good times. We won – that is to say, the gates were sealed before the Outer God could rise and drown the world in eternal winter.

Saturday Nadia, myself and my dad went to see Inkheart, a fun family friendly fantasy film featuring… Well, no one other than Brendan Frasier. It was okay – not great, but not bad. It was a fluffy kind of fun.

Sunday I watched BSG while Nadia napped – and I’m wondering just how the hell they plan on wrapping up the series, and just how much more depressing things are going to get. It’s really getting bad.

I also – over the course of the weekend – managed to re-watch the entire run of The Middleman, my favorite show of 2008. Turns out it’s available for free watching on the ABC Family website – you just gotta dig for it a bit.

I also stumbled across the new Batman cartoon, Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Damn fun stuff, that. Kind of light hearted, very much just for fun… and it made me realize that Coldiron is Aquaman.

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