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A neat little media center tool...
A neat little media center tool...

So, today I decided to check out Boxee – again – a neat little program that replaces media centers – like Front Row – on all three major OSes – Mac, Windows and Linux.

Technically, it’s still in Alpha, but it’s very stable and very useable – something I couldn’t have said for it just a few months ago.

For those that care about these things, it’s based on the XBMC. Not really sure if that matters or not, as it’s light-years ahead of XMBC in terms of features and usability. See, this thing not only ties in with the media you already have – and will allow you to play it back with subtitles if you so choose, something which I find awesome – but it also ties into the majority of the internet based video services – like ABC, CBS, Hulu and YouTube. It also allows for easy adding of podcasts – video and audio. Shit, it even does Netflix – Better than the 360, I dare say.

Basically, it’s your ones stop shop for all your playback needs… if you have a media center computer. I’ll admit, I’ve had it lock up a few times – but only when I was really dicking around with the more advanced settings or features. But for basic, everyday use – it works, and it works great. Setup is a breeze, and use is pretty damn fun.

All said, if you got some need for playing stuff back on a PC, and that PC might be hooked up to a TV, then this be the thing for you.

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  1. I love love love Boxee but we decided to go with Vista for our media center, esp since we don’t have netflix… yet. I’m excited to see where it goes in the future because I’d love to put ubuntu back on our media server and run boxee on it. <3

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