Entry 0163

Well, this is a story too good to ignore: About forty years ago a professor read a report on something called “guitar nipple” – and she felt it was likely to be a spoof. She decided to one up the probable hoax by spoofing it – and submitted a report on “cello scrotum” to the British Journal of Medicine.

Of course, her report was published. And then further referenced by others in the medical profession – although a few of them felt it was a hoax as well.

Last month, her report was again referenced in the BMJ – so she decided that it was time to “come clean” and admit the whole thing was a joke.

The BMJ responded with:

We may have to organise a formal retraction or correction now. Once these things get into the scientific literature, they stay there for good. But it all adds to the gaiety of life.

Obviously, no hard feelings there.

This seems like so much fun! I do hereby declare this a new “meme”:

[musical instrument] + [rude body part]

I’ll start…

Sousaphone Buttocks.

Your turn…

Source: BBC NEWS | Peer reveals ‘cello scrotum’ hoax.

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