Entry 0158

House hunting is hard.
Saturday Nadia and I hit two different places in an attempt to get a head start on finding a place we can share together. Did I forget to mention we were planning on moving in together by end of April? Well, we are…

Well, we checked out two places on Saturday – the first one being in our price range, if a bit small… and the second one being perfectly laid out, but just out of reach, money wise. Really, the floor plan was awesome, but the rent was crazy… And the way they had the whole pricing structure was crazy too. It’s X dollars if you rent the apartment in Building Y, but Z dollars if it’s on floor W, and more if you rent it in building K…

Crazy, crazy shit. As much as I loved the apartments (and I really, really did like them), I don’t want to deal with crazy rent prices that make no sense… and, honestly? The lady kind of pissed me off. She had this attitude the whole time, like she was better than us.

Still, we’ve got plenty of time – and Rosenberg has given me a couple of ideas, namely houses being cheaper than apartments, so no worries.

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