Entry 0149

So, last night it snowed.
A lot.
Parts of the Vegas Valley got six inches of snow. That’s half a foot! IN THE DESERT!

Needless to say, the company decided it might be prudent to send us home a bit early, so as to avoid being stuck in traffic or worse. Which was rather nice of them, really – more than I expected.
However, being work… It didn’t go according to their plan.

We got the email at about 4PM – half an hour to an hour before the normal “go” time, depending on what schedule one is on. People quickly packed up and headed out… And were trapped.

Turns out that the turnstile that secures our building from the parking lot (no, really) had frozen. Frozen shut.
Meaning we could not get to our cars.

Some people decided to try walking around the huge fence to another gate, and seeing if that worked… It didn’t. It, too, was frozen shut. A few others decided to walk even further, around the whole fenceline to the guard shack, then back into the parking lot.

Me? I went inside, called Security to let them know, then waited – in the warm office – for twenty minutes until it was all fixed.

Kind of funny, kind of expected.
Someday’s, it amazes me that we ever get anything done correctly.

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